Participation of YALS in the project “English for International Cooperation”

English language courses “English for IT” organized jointly by the British Council from Belgrade, local authorities and the Association of Foreign Language Schools of Serbia YALS were recently completed in four Serbian cities. The goal of the project called “English for International Cooperation – Active Citizens” has been achieved. In the period April – June 2013, almost 50 citizens of those places, mostly young people, were involved in English language classes in Šabac, Vrbas, Blac and Obrenovac. After completing the training, the participants will surely contribute more successfully to the development of their environment.

The English language course English for IT at A2/B1 proficiency level is one of many British Council courses based on a series of workplace situations where knowledge of information technology plays an important role. Participants focus on a range of key IT skills and problem-solving applications, as well as the grammar, vocabulary and language needed to communicate confidently and effectively in English.

“English for IT” courses are held in Serbia for the second time, organized by YALS schools. This time they were held by the schools Blue Moon – Kula in Vrbas, Lingva – Valjevo in Šabac, Oxford School – Leskovac in Blac and Livingston – Belgrade in Obrenovac. Last year, in the first cycle of that project, which lasted from February to April, about 500 participants from over 20 cities were included in direct or remote courses, which, in addition to the above-mentioned schools, were held by Big Bird – Belgrade, Hello – Belgrade, M-School – Leskovac, New English School – Pančevo and Penguin English – Jagodina.

The successful cooperation between YALS and the British Council Serbia has been going on for more than 13 years in the field of quality improvement and continuous improvement in English language teaching and learning.

Reporter: Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlović

Participants of the “English for IT” course in Šabac were presented with diplomas

YALS implements the second phase of the “English for International Cooperation” project

YALS implements the first phase of the “English for International Cooperation” project

Presentations of participants


Food by Bojana and Dusan
Indian Film Industry by Aleksandar and Jelena
Special Rights of National Minorites by Sandra
The British Fashion Scene by Katarina and Ana


Facebook by Maja, Mira and Bojana
The Popularity of the Social Networks by Suzi, Ana and Ruzica


Computer Problems and Solutions by Andrija, Stefan and Tanja
Presentation of My Work by Katarina and Marko
Top Five Websites on the Internet by Dejan, Vukasin and Tamara
Township Blace by Kristina and Maja