YALS – Association of Foreign Language Schools of Serbia is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to promote quality in foreign language teaching in accordance with the highest international standards. All members have undertaken to respect the standards and goals of the Association:

  • To promote quality in foreign language teaching
  • To point out the fact that membership in the Association is a sure indication of quality.
  • To establish and consistently implement teaching standards with the application of appropriate methodology and by appropriately qualified lecturers.
  • To ensure adherence to a high level of professionalism in all school administration and school premises.
  • To ensure regular inspection of member schools by the Association and an independent expert in order to maintain accepted quality standards.
  • To provide all necessary information about the work of its members.
  • To ensure a clear appeal procedure in case of complaints about the work of the members in any respect.
  • To work on training and further training of lecturers.
  • To actively work on organizing seminars, exchange of ideas and cooperation with similar world organizations.

Board of directors:

Marija Pejatović

Deputy President::
Dijana Kisić

Secretary General:
Maja Gavrilović

Eva Bako
Danijela Veljković
Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlović

Dijana Kisić

Anyone who is interested in working in Yals member schools or cooperation can contact individual schools by phone/email or at: marijapejatovic@gmail.com whereby the application will be forwarded to all YALS schools.