Benefits of YALS for users and members

What YALS membership guarantees to service users

YALS basically promotes quality in the teaching of foreign languages and is a guarantee of the quality of its members, which is ensured by a regular four-year review of the work of individual schools by the inspection of the Association, and by an independent expert outside the association, with a reputation in the profession. By enrolling in one of the YALSA member schools, service users receive the following guarantees:

  • high teaching standards and application of modern methodology
  • adequately qualified teaching staff
  • high level in terms of the school’s equipment with audio-visual equipment and a professional library
  • professionalism and clarity in terms of administration (detailed record of participants, contracts, application forms, etc.)
  • complete truthfulness of the published information about the work of the school, the number of teaching hours, the size and structure of the group
  • the possibility of counseling in choosing a course
  • regular assessment of student knowledge and a final exam appropriate to the age and level of the course
  • the openness of the school to remarks and suggestions of students
  • a clearly defined appeals procedure, which all member schools of the Association must include in their contracts or registration forms
  • clearly structured teaching levels, the description of which (communication frameworks, topics and vocabulary, grammatical structures and functions) will serve as a reference starting point for the student in assessing his own knowledge and planning the further learning process
  • alignment of the level of knowledge of a foreign language between different schools, members of YALS, as well as alignment with the international grading of courses (the levels are structured according to the CEF – “Common European Framework of Reference”). This means that users, upon successful completion of a certain degree in one school, can continue the learning process in another without any problems, as well as take recognized international exams, at authorized institutions and institutions for the English language. For example, the University of Cambridge organizes ESOL International Examinations so that:
    • A completed A1 level enables children to take the Movers exam, and a mastered A2 leads to taking the Flyers exam.
    • Adult participants after completing the A2 level can take the Key English Test.
    • Passed B1 level refers to taking the Preliminary English Test or Business English Certificate 1,
    • The completed B2 level opens the possibility to take the First Certificate or Business English Certificate 2,
    • Completed C1 refers to passing the Certificate in Advanced English or Business English Certificate 3,
    • The completed C2 level allows you to take the Certificate of Proficiency in English.

What YALS membership guarantees members

  • the flow of all necessary information about the work of the members in any respect
  • work on training and further training of lecturers
  • further encouraging mutual exchange of experiences and professional information
  • representation of members in negotiations with state institutions and bodies
  • active work on organizing seminars, exchange of ideas and cooperation with similar domestic and foreign organizations
  • collection and processing of scientific and professional literature in the field of teaching foreign languages
  • organizing expert meetings, seminars, counseling and other forms of professional education in this area within the Association or in community with other associations
  • publication of books and other publications in the field of foreign language teaching
  • cooperation with universities, professional associations and other organizations dealing with teaching foreign languages
  • participation in all professional and advertising publications of the association, as well as in all public marketing actions
  • use of the YALS trademark