11th In-house YALS Seminar organized by Lingva, 25 April 2015

Mirjana LJiljak-Vukajlovic, DoS at Lingva Valjevo, opening 11th YALS In-house Seminar

The 11th In-house YALS seminar Creating Engaging and Relevant Classes through Play and Multimedia was held on Saturday, 25 April at the Lingva Centre for Foreign Languages in Valjevo. The seminar was attended by 32 YALS school teachers from Leskovac, Niš, Jagodina, Belgrade, Kula and Valjevo, and the presenters were two Lingva teachers – Katarina Andrić, who held a workshop titled Words, Don’t Fail Me! or, Recycling Vocabulary and Beyond, and Lora Petronić-Petrović who did the workshop under the name Enlivening Skills through Multimedia.

The goals of Katarina’s session were to experiment with some effective games and activities used to revise vocabulary and discuss the benefits of using games for recycling vocabular, while Lora’s worshop was aimed at creating different activities for practising language skills and incorporating formative assessment into teaching. Participants were extremely cooperative in both workshops – they readily took part in all the activities and made enthusiastic comments throughout the sessions. The presenters efforts were awarded at the end with spontaneous and warm applause. Especially positive were younger participants who stated in their feedback that being at the beginning of their career they “find these workshops extremely useful“ and that the seminar „will definitely influence their future professional life in a positive way because they have learnt a lot of new games and different ways to develop language skills“. The seminar “has already made them wish to search the links“ from the provided list of recommended sites“. All in all, most participants expected to get from the seminar „some new ideas to use in the classroom and to have a wonderful Saturday“. They „really got them” and “did have a great time“ and wished the organisers to “keep up with the good work“.

Another reason for gathering of YALS teachers and expressing their good wishes for the future was marking the 25th anniversary of Lingva Centre for Foreign Languages. At the coctail party after the seminar, they joined Lingva’s clients, partners and friends to celebrate together and in high spirits this important landmark in the history of the first foreign language school in Valjevo.

11th In-house YALS Seminar YALS-a, Lingva Valjevo, 25 April 2014 – Photo Album

25th Lingva Anniversary – Coctail Party Photos