Notable Presence of YALS at 13th ELTA Conference

Reported by Jelena Spasić

13th ELTA Conference, “A Taste of 21st Century Teaching”, was held at Singidunum University, Belgrade, on 15th and 16th of May. With over 50 presentations, workshops and lectures, the participants tried to share their ideas and experiences related to the everyday challenges we all encounter and try to overcome.
It goes without saying that YALS schools were there both to share their ideas and experiences and to promote their knowledge and skills in various ways. The president of YALS, Marija Pejatovic, gave a presentation entitled “Achieving and maintaining quality in private language schools” in which she gave an insight into how to manage private schools paying attention to quality in teaching and management based on standards accepted and applied among YALS schools. The presentation was well attended, which shows that there are schools that recognize the quality YALS has to offer.
Another YALS school, Oxford School from Leskovac, took this opportunity to further share their ideas in teaching. Teachers Jelena Spasic and Danilo Stojanovic held the workshop “Greatest hits – our compilation II”. The workshop is the continuation of the last year`s workshop and is based on ready-made activites that can be used as revision games, warm-ups, round-ups, fillers or even assessment activities. The workshop got some very good reviews and a lot of interested teachers, so Part III can be expected for the next conference. 😉
However, YALS activities for this conference did not stop there – YALS had its info-stand and YALS teachers were really kind and helpful, ready to answer all the questions as well as treat you with some really delicious cupcakes. Judging by the number of interested school owners enquiring about YALS, we are proud to say that YALS has established a reputation of a renowned association that strives towards quality and progress.