YALS representative at the “Cambridge Selection” meeting, April 2015.

On Wednesday, April 22, the representative of YALS, Danijela Veljković, at the invitation of the Blackbird school from Čačak, gave a speech at the ceremony of awarding Statements of Results for students of primary schools in Čačak, Kraljevo, Gornji Milanovac, Arilje and Užice – a participant in the Cambridge Selection competition.

In the crowded hall of the Čačan House of Culture, in addition to the representative of YALS, the representative of the Cambridge English Language Assessment for Serbia, Aleksandra Sekulić, the representative of CUP (Cambridge University Press), Jelka Bogić, the exam manager of the Excalibur exam center, Julkica Gajdobranski, also spoke , as well as the owner of the Blackbird school, Ljubomir Vasojević.

YALS representative, Danijela Veljković, spoke about the quality criteria that YALS member schools must adhere to, and welcomed the recent entry into the YALS membership procedure of Blackbird schools.