Eaquals 25th Anniversary Conference 2016

Marija Pejatović, predsatvnica YALS-a, pridruženog člana EAQUALS-a i Vesna Stakić, predstavnica škole Tom i Ema, jedine akreditovane članice EAQUALS-a iz Srbije

Marija Pejatović, representative of YALS, associate member of EAQUALS, and Vesna Stakić, representative of Tom & Emma School, the only accredited member of EAQUALS from Serbia

–reported by Marija Pejatović

Lisbon, Portugal

It was my great pleasure to represent YALS at Eaquals 25th anniversary conference held in magnificent Lisbon from Thursday 21 April until Saturday 23 April.

The Conference was attended by more than 270 delegates from over 40 countries – a record for Eaquals.

The conference was opened by the Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prof. Dr Augusto Santos Silva, who paid tribute to Eaquals’ work in raising standards in language education and highlighted the important role of language teaching in promoting better global understanding.

Thursday is usually an inspectors only day, but this time, we had an interesting oportunity to attend a whole-day training on management held by inspiring and vigorous George Pickering. He taught us not only how to manage ‘the monkey on our shoulder’ but also how to be efficent managers with some free time on our hands.

On Friday and Saturday the conference was organized around 5 general themes: Teaching and learning, Course design, CEFR and assessment, Staff development, Managing for quality and Business and marketing management.

I attended workshops mostly on Business and Marketing management since it is important for our schools to learn how to effectively and efficiently advertise on a low budget.

Evenings were reserved for social events and sightseeing tours and they were a great opportunity for networking with other members and learning about Lisbon and its wonderful people.

YALS 2016 Literary & Multimedia Competition

ilustracija za vest na sajtu yalsa tabelarni kolazReported by Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlović

The traditional YALS Literary Competition, accompanied with a parallel contest in multimedia project work, was held this year in April. Over 70 students from YALS member schools all over Serbia took part in the competition and the winners were officially announced on 26 April.

In the category of literary works, students were invited to write on themes set by language proficiency levels (A1 to C1), and the contestants in the multimedia category were asked to send a contribution on the general topic of “Me and My World“ in diverse formats – electronic posters and mental maps, slide presentations, oral presentation videos and – for the first time this year – electronically published Lego stories.

The contributions on the set topics were of the highest possible quality and it was not at all an easy task for the jury consisting of Dijana Kisić from Big Bird School, Belgrade, Eva Bako, Blue Moon, Kula, and Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlović, Lingva, Valjevo to choose the best ones.
As in the previous competitions, YALS will publicly praise the most successful auhors and publish their works on its web site. The winners will also be awarded books and other surprise prizes.

Here are the names of this year’s winners and links to both literary works and multimedia projects:

YALS 16 Literary Competition Winners
YALS 16 Multimedia Competition Winners

13th YALS In-house Seminar: YALS Inspection Scheme Revisited

Presenters of 13th YALS In-house seminar Maja Gavrilović and Sofija Ljiljak-Vukajlović, with one of participants

Presenters of 13th YALS In-house seminar Maja Gavrilović and Sofija Ljiljak-Vukajlović, with one of participants

Reported by Sofija Ljiljak-Vukajlović

On 9th April 2016 the 13th YALS In-house Seminar on the topic of YALS Inspection Scheme Revisited was conducted,with a special focus on the academic aspect of foreign language school management. Presenters Maja Gavrilović Maksimović from Livingston School and Sofija Ljiljak-Vukajlović from Tom and Emma School held two workshops,Academic Management Inspection and Management in Teaching, with active support of their colleagues from other school members in the association. This time the seminar was hosted by New English School in Pančevo, which marked its 20thanniversary on this occasion.

The seminar was aimed at school principals, as well as directors of studies, senior teachers and mentors. This was an opportunity to share invaluable experience and examples of good practice in relation to the academic management of foreign language schools with the goal of maintaining high quality in teaching which is subject to rigorous and regular inspection.

Educational Management in YALS Style Successfully Presented in Kruševac

YALS accredited programme “Successful Management of Educational Institutions – European Model” in Kruševac

Reported by Jelena Spasić

The YALS programme of “Successful Management of Educational Institutions – European Model”, accredited by the Institute for Advancement of Education (IAE), was, once again, successfully held in The Center for Professional Development, Krusevac, on 26th March, 2016.
The programme is designed and implemented through a series of sessions and interesting workshops with the stress on practical and useful instructions and models for a successful management of educational institutions. This time, 25 directors from primary, secondary and vocational schools have undergone the training, and the feedbacks show that the participants were extremely satisfied with the knowledge and the materials they had been given.
The programme is the result of 15 years’ work of operation of language schools, members of YALS, in the field of academic management and quality control, and the aim of the programme is professional development of directors and assistant directors of educational institutions. The author of the programme is Marija Pejatović, Chair of YALS, and together with her, the co-authors are Jelena Spasić (Oxford School, Leskovac), Maja Gavrilović (Livingston, Beograd) and Sofija Ljiljak-Vukajlović (Tom & Ema, Beograd).

YALS President at the Prince Charles’ Reception at the National Assembly of Serbia


 Thanks to the long and successful cooperation between the National Association of Language Schools, YALS, and the British Council, Ms Marija Pejatovic, YALS president, was invited to the reception honouring His Royal Highness Price Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall’s visit to Serbia. The reception, held on Thursday, 17 March, 2016, was organized at the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. It was special honour for YALS to have its president be one of only 200 invitees to this exceptional event and it is a powerful motivation to continue the close and fruitful cooperation with the British Council in Serbia.

Reported by Dijana Kisić