Milana Mijalkovića 10 2/1, 35000 Jagodina
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Founded: 1993

Types of courses: English for children and adults, specialized courses for companies, preparation for Cambridge exams (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage, BEC Higher)

Who are we?

The school “Penguin English” was founded in 1993. year.

The school started working in one small room with only three age groups. Very quickly it became clear that the school could not work in these conditions and that expansion was necessary. New premises were found, where the school worked very successfully for several years, got its physiognomy, name and became one of the most important schools in the region. Year 1999. the school managed to secure its own premises with three classrooms, an office for teachers and ancillary premises in Milana Mijalkovica Street, where it is still located today.

From the very beginning, the school began to exclusively apply the programs of the most important world publishers (Cambridge, Oxford, Longman…) and this very quickly gave excellent results. The children did not, so to speak, “drown” in the lessons and were not forced by their parents to come to our school, but the lessons were a real little pleasure for them.

With the advent of computers, the school quickly adapted to new work methods. One of the three classrooms has been converted into a computer cabinet, with a permanent Internet connection. In addition to modern schools, the school also has a library with professional literature and books, newspapers and magazines that are necessary for further training of our professors and students.

We especially take into account the selection of professors. They need to be educated, professional, ready to accept and apply new methods in teaching and to always be at the service of students. Bearing in mind the need for continuous training of our staff, we organize regular attendance at seminars so that professors can keep up with modern trends in foreign language teaching.

From the very beginning until today, we have taken into account that the groups are exclusively from 6 to 8 students. In this way, each student can receive full attention during the lesson, and monitoring the students is also facilitated.

We had excellent cooperation with many companies in Jagodina and Paracin, where we organized business English language courses and provided translation services.

Since 2003. In 2008, our students successfully took the Cambridge exams at the British Council in Belgrade. Year 2007. our school was awarded the “Big Breakthrough 07” award by the British Council, due to the large number of students who successfully passed the exams that year.

Penguin English organizes summer language courses in England. Many students of our school visited various cities in England, such as: London, Bristol, Southampton, Maidenhead, Reading and Henley on Thames.

We also organize vacations in Greece for our younger students. In addition to the beautiful sea, organized sports activities, socializing with peers from all over the world, children are also able to have conversation lessons with teachers whose mother tongue is English.

Today’s location of the school, in Milana Mijalkovica Street, a place where students hang out outside of the course, is planned as a meeting point for many private schools in Serbia. The goal is to achieve a balanced teaching and to standardize the level of English language knowledge of children in schools.