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Oxford School

Since: 1997.
Types of courses: all levels and all ages
all kinds of translations
preparation courses for taking internationally recognized exams

Our school is located in the very centre of Leskovac and has 5 classrooms, an office and accompanying premises. The classrooms are spacious, pleasantly furnished and equipped with modern educational means. The school also possesses an interactive whiteboard, laptops and tablets for 21st-century teaching. We organize a lot of additional curricular and extracurricular activities, and we are especially proud of our Lego education program in language teaching. Of course, students and professors have access to optical Internet as well as a diverse school library.

Classes are held in small groups or individually, and are conducted by a team of teachers using the most up-to-date teaching methods. We work with children of preschool, school and high school age, as well as with adults. When forming groups, the participants’ age and level of knowledge are taken into account. These are also the criteria for selecting the program and work methods, which make our teaching easy to accept and highly successful. In any case, whether working with younger or “older” students, the teaching is conducted as a communicative and interactive process with the aim of making the students “free themselves” as much as possible, accept and use the English language almost as if it were their mother tongue.

We also pay a lot of attention to adult participants who need professional development, and we always try to guide and motivate them on, what is, for them, a difficult road to successfully mastering a foreign language, so that they persevere to the end.  Thus, our language courses include work on improving digital and so-called soft skills.

With the use of professional literature, as well as through workshops and seminars, the teaching team strives to constantly upgrade its expertise, improve teaching and keep up with the contemporary teaching world. Our two most experienced lecturers are trainers and presenters at national and international seminars. 

 Programs for children

Preschool courses – for children aged 5-7, classes are organized twice a week for 45 minutes. Through song and play, through socializing and spontaneous communication, children successfully master basic concepts and phrases adapted to their age, where special attention is paid to pronunciation and intonation from the very beginning. 

School courses – for children aged 7-10, classes are also held twice a week for 50 and 60 minutes, respectively, and are coordinated with the state schools’ schedule. Topics and vocabulary are adapted to the age of the children and are acquired them through dialogues, everyday situations, games, songs, etc. At these levels, children also master the English alphabet and begin to slowly write and read. For children aged 11-13, classes are organized twice a week for 70 minutes, and at that age, special attention is paid, apart from reading and writing to oral communication. For older teenagers, 14 years and above, classes are organized twice a week for 90 minutes, at the intermediate or upper-intermediate level, and at these levels,  teenagers are, through a communicative approach,  introduced to preparation for taking internationally recognized exams. In all school courses, knowledge is regularly checked through tests, dictations, projects, assignments, etc. and parents are also informed about the results and success of the students.


All schoolchildren constantly use textbooks, grammar books and books from the school library for learning, improvement and entertainment. 

Programs for adults

Courses for adults are organized twice a week for 70 minutes, with participants at the beginning, advanced or intermediate levels.  All four language skills – listening, speaking, writing and reading – are equally developed through teaching. In accordance with the needs of the participants, specialized courses are also organized.

After completing the course, all Oxford School participants receive a certificate of the level for which they passed the exam or a certificate of attendance.

Translation services

Translation services include translations of all types of texts and documents as well as consecutive and simultaneous translation services.