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Founded in 1993.

Types of courses:

  • English, French, Russian language
  • from the initial level E to the highest C2
  • all ages from preschoolers to adults
  • intensive or lasting 10 months
  • for children with special needs

Livingston–is a  foreign language centar, founded in 1993. year  as School Bami. The school got a new name in 2009.  year. We are located in Belgrade, on Zvezdara, at Milan Rakića Street No. 41.

The school successfully cooperates with the “Veljko Dugošević” elementary school, with preschool institutions as well as with professional organizations dealing with the modernization of teaching in the country (YALS, ELTA, British Council). The Livingston Center is included in the European trend of general quality control of services in the field of foreign language teaching.

What are we doing?

From its foundation to the present day, the school’s activities have expanded from language courses for children to courses for all ages, as well as preparing candidates for entrance and international exams. In addition to English, we also introduced  French and Russian languages. We also organize language summer schools in Great Britain.

Who works?

The successful operation of the school is due to a well-coordinated team of professional, experienced and motivated teachers, psychologists and pedagogues, who are equally interested in the language itself and in working with the students. Our team of teachers is constantly improving their skills and following the latest trends in the field of foreign language teaching.

How we work?

Methodological approach pursue it holistically. Our goal is to combine language learning, the natural need for communication and getting to know another culture into a unique, natural and playful whole. In our work we use:

  • communicative method: we learn a foreign language in order to talk, share ideas, trust each other, get to know and understand other people and other cultures.
  • ”brain friendly” approach: it is based on modern knowledge about the work of the brain – information is presented in such a way as to activate different types of intelligence.
  • Developing awareness of the learning process: participants learn how to learn and which learning techniques are most suitable for them. Learning awareness is knowledge that can be used later and beyond our classrooms.

Organization of teaching: it is done in small groups (3 – 8 students). Special attention is paid to monitoring the progress of each student during the course. After completing the course and passing the final exam, participants receive certificates of attendance and completion of a certain level.

Knowledge levels are clearly determined according to the Common European Framework for Languages and the corresponding programs are carefully selected in accordance with the age, prior knowledge and needs of the participants..

School environment is pleasant. Classrooms are equipped with modern audio and video devices  and computers that are actively used in classes. Within the school office, there is a well-equipped library available to course participants.


Our youngest students enjoy special activities that are playful and activate  physical intelligence. Movement is associated with linguistic content,  ​​ with touch, stimulation of the senses with intense colors, pleasant sounds. The language is learned with the help of materials intended for the development of emotional maturity, encouraging positive emotions and fostering good mutual communication. Singing accompanied by an instrument, painting and learning about traditional dances of other nations are a regular part of our classes.

News in progress

Since 2009. We are organizing a summer English language school in Great Britain. This experience in a special and unforgettable   way crowns the work during the previous school year. And of course, new acquaintances are made and the overall personal experience is enriched.

W E L C O M E!