Increasing the effectiveness of employment policies for less employable groups

Another EU IPA project successfully implemented by YALS

Reporter: Marija Pejatović As a long-term partner of the British Council, YALS has once again been selected to participate in the latest project funded by the European Union, called “Training for the needs of the labor market” as part of the project “Increasing the effectiveness of employment policies for less employable groups”. Although the preparations for the project started earlier, the realization itself was scheduled for the first of September 2016, and the project lasted until September 2017. As part of the project, YALS created curriculum for English, Italian and Russian languages, and organized, supervised, evaluated and implemented Italian and Russian language courses. The project had two cycles in Sremska Mitrovica, Kraljevo, Vrnjacka Banja and Sapac, and in the second cycle also in Vranje, and about 70 people completed the training and received certificates. Support for English language courses is also provided.