9th YALS In-house Seminar at Oxford School in Leskovac

9th YALS in-house seminar, organised by Oxford School, was held on 24th November in Leskovac. There were around thirty participants from member schools, as well as from other Leskovac schools. The programme consisted of two workshops, Revising Grammar: Tips and Tricks and Task-based Learning: Exploring the Possibilities, held by Ms. Milica Savić, Senior Lector, University of Nis, English Department, and Ms. Jelena Spasić’s, DoS at Oxford School, presentation Creative ideas at Oxford School.

The aim of the first workshop was to get the teachers acquainted with innovative and interesting grammar revising techniques. The participants had the opportunity to try out the activities, and to analyse them afterwards and to discuss possible modifications. The general impression was that the activities were very interesting, even to the experienced teachers, and most importantly that they were applicable to work with different levels and age groups.

In the second workshop, Task-based learning, the participants revised the principles of task-based learning through interesting and engaging activities. During the workshop, teachers had to come up with a lesson plan which was based on the principles of the task based learning. The participants got the clear idea of how task based learning should be used and which were its advantages and disadvantages.

The presentation Creative ideas at Oxford School was an excellent opportunity for the participants to become familiar with what Oxford School does and with some of the events that are organised during the year. The talk was about Halloween, Thanksgiving day and about various games and activities which are used on these occassions, and about the fact that by using these activities teachers could bring closer the culture and tradition of the English-speaking countries to students in a way that is interesting for them.

Taking everything into consideration, it may be said that the seminar was an ideal opportunity for teachers to learn something new, and to spend some time and exchange ideas and experiences with colleagues from all around Serbia.

by Danilo Stojanović