YALS 2006 literary competition winners

YALS 2006 literary competition

1st YALS Literary Competition, initiated by Oxford School from Leskovac,  was held in April 2006 and the winners announced on May 3, 2006.

The themes were assigned by levels:

A1 – My Special Day  (from 60 to 80 words)

A2 – My Town/ City (up to 100 words)

B1 – Short story ending with the sentence: ”… It was the strangest experience of my life”. (120 to 150 words)

B2 – Article You are Never Alone in This Country  (120 to 180 words)

C1 – Discursive essay (250 words) Young People Should Never Emigrate to Other Countries

The winners for 2006, awarded with books in English, are:

A1 – My Special Day – by Natalija Đorđević – (Tom & Emma, Beograd)

A2 – My City -by Hana Popović – (Anglian, Beograd)

B1 – It was the strangest experience of my life – by Ivana Jovanović –
(Tom & Emma, Beograd)

B2 – You are never alone in this country – by Stefan Kostić – (Lingva, Valjevo)

C1 – Young people should never emigrate to other countries – by Katarina Vićentijević – (Lingva, Valjevo)

The maximum number of points was won by Katarina Vićentijević from Lingva – Valjevo.