Oxford School Leskovac

11 oktobra 1/3, 16000 Leskovac
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Oxford School

Founded: in 1997
Courses: all levels and all ages
translation services
preparation for internationally recognized exams
our school is LCCI satellite centre

Our school is situated in the very centre of Leskovac and there are 5 classrooms, an office and accompanying premises. The classrooms are spacious, pleasantly furnished and equipped with modern audio, video and DVD devices. There is an IT classroom, which is available both to teachers and pupils for individual work and advanced studies as well as for  teaching using computers and the internet. We use foreign publishers’ textbooks and teaching material together with the accompanying audio, video, DVD and computer based additional materials. Our students and teachers can also use our diverse library.

Teaching process is conducted in small groups or individually by a group of teachers using the latest teaching methods. We teach pre-school, primary and secondary school children, as well as adults. When forming groups we always bear in mind age and level of knowledge of our pupils, and these are at the same time the criteria for choosing the teaching books and methods. All these make our classes easily acceptable and also very successful. Anyway, whether we are teaching younger or “older” pupils, the classes are conducted as a communicative and interactive process with the aim to make  pupils accept and use English language as much and as well as their mother tongue.

Special attention is being paid to the grown-up students who need advanced studies, and we always try to motivate them additionally to persist on the hard way of learning a foreign language.

With the help of adequate literature, as well as in workshops and seminars, the teaching team is constantly trying to upgrade their expertise, promote the teaching process and keep the pace with the modern world events.

Programmes for children

Pre-school courses – for 5-7 year olds  are 45 minutes two times a week in the afternoons. Through songs and games, through friendship and spontaneous communication children successfully learn some basic expressions, phrases and words adequate for their age. Special attention is paid to pronunciation and intonation from the very beginning.

School courses – for children 7-10 years old are also 45 or 60 minutes twice a week matching the school timetables. Topics and vocabulary are adequate for their age, and the lanuge is acquired through dialogues, everyday situations, games, songs etc. On these levels children also learn the English alphabet, and slowly start to write and read. For 11-13 year olds classes are 70 minutes two times a week, and this is the age when we pay special attention to spoken communication. For older teenagers, 14 years and older, classes are 90 minutes twice a week with children on intermediate or upper-intermediate level and it is at these levels that we, using the communicative approach, start preparing them for internationally recognized exams.  On all school courses we regularly check the progress of our students through tests, projects, tasks, dictations etc. Parents are also informed of their children’s results and success. All school children regularly use textbooks, grammar books and readers from the school library for study, improvement and fun.

Adult programmes

Adult courses are organized 90 minutes twice a week, usually in the evenings, with the students on elementary, pre-intermediate or intermediate level. During the classes, students equally develop all four skills – listening, speaking, writing and reading. Matching the needs of the students, we also organize specialized courses.
At the end of the school year, all Oxford School’s students  are issued appropriate certificates about the level for which they attended the classes or passed the-end-of-course test or get the certificate of attendance.

Translation services

Translation services include translations of all kinds of texts and documents as well as consecutive and simultaneous interpretation from English into Serbian and vice-versa.