Milana Rakića 41, 11000 Belgrade
+381 11 3822 722

Founded: in 1993
Courses: all levels and ages, from re-school to adult. Preparation for all Cambridge and Euro examinations

Bami – is a language school, established in 1993. in Belgrade, Zvezdara, 41 Milana Rakića Street.

The school has had a successful professional liaisons with the primary school “Veljko Dugošević”, pre-school institutions as well as other language associations concerned with the modernization of the language teaching in our country (YALS, ELTA). BAMI is also involved in the European trend of the quality control of the language services.

The things we do?

Soince we started teaching our field of work has expanded from teaching English to young learners to teaching both English and French to all ages and levels, including preparation courses for the international exams (Cambridge Young Learners, KET, PET, FCE, CAE, EURO).

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Who does the work?

Thanks to its teachers and other staff members including a psychologist, who make a highly qualified, well experienced and a truly motivated team, Bami has proved itself a successful language school. We invest our interests eaqually  in our students and the language itself.

How do we work?

Bami promotes the holistic approach to teaching foreign languages. Its  aim is to mould studying the new language into relaxed, natural and game-like apprehension of the new matter in order to achieve students’ personal and cultural growth in its broadest sense.

Teaching takes place within small groups of students (3 to 8). Each of the students is monitored individually and given the adequate support throughout the course. Upon finishing the course certificates of attendance and achievement are issued.

The levels of knowledge are clearly defined with regard to The Common European Framework of Refference. Corresponding teaching programmes are chosen to suit the age, the level and the needs of our students.

The school premises offer pleasant working environment. Our classrooms are well equipped with all the necessary audio, video and computer devices, which are all actively used to enhance the teaching/learning process. The school library also offers our students an exhaustive list of tiitles in English.

A number of different  educational methods and techniques are used within the holistic approach. They all share one quality – they regard the learning process in the context of the complexity of personal development. Learning embraces the intelect, body movements, emotions, expression through arts topped with the personal life experience.

  • communicative method: we learn a foreign language in order to speak to other people, to share ideas, learn about others and their culture.
  • “brain friendly” approach: is based on the contemporary findings about the functioning of the brain – information presented activates all the different intelligencies.
  • Learning to learn: the students learn how to learn and which are their preffered learning styles. Raising awareness about the learning process is a skill of great use also outside the classroom



Our very young learners are involved in special games activating their bodily intelligence. The linguistic content is associated with the movement, the feeling of the touch, aural and visual stimuli. Materials for language learning are also intended for developing the emotional intelligence towards self and others. A special emphasis is placed on mutual understanding, peer cooperation and interaction. Singing, playing, meeting traditional games of other nations are interwoven in our language lessons.

Some pieces of advice from BAMI students to the newly enrolled:

  • “Discover your talents: acting, singing, playing an instrument, correct English pronunciation. Most important: BE LIKE US”
  • “Don’t ask me! Great teachers and a lot of laughter! If you don’t enrol you lose; if you do, you do the right thing!!”
  • “You should be prepared to learn in class, to have good teachers and a lot of laughs”