Vlade Danilovića 40, 14000 Valjevo
+381 14 290 460, +381 14 290 461, +381 63 831 5810

Founded: in 1990

Courses: general and special
purpose at all levels and for all ages

Preparation for Cambridge Young Learners Exams, PET, CFE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, BEC, TOEFL

Professional and certified translations

LINGVA is the first private school in Valjevo, established on 24th April, 1990. It is situated in a beautiful quiet garden abounding with greenery and flowers, within a minute walk from the town centre.


Since its beginnings, LINGVA has been steadily developing – from the initial 10 to the present 250 students, from a tiny “3 by 3” classroom to a real school occupying a surface area of 120 square meters. The school has four classrooms, a library, multimedia centre for self-access study, reception office and ancillary facilities.

Its equipment ranges from traditional teaching devices to the most modern audio and video units, a camcorder, as well as computer equipment connected to the Internet.

The teaching philosophy of LINGVA is based on a combination of a “listen-to-you” approach of a small school and high-quality teaching to small groups of 6 to 10 students. LINGVA conducts English, German and Italian courses. In addition to Foreign Language School, Lingva includes a Center for Translation Services, which relies on 30 years of experience in the area of professional translation.

On the Right Course with LINGVA


  • First private school in Valjevo, which has broken new ground in English language teaching
  • Over 16 years’ experience
  • Qualified BA teachers of English, German and Italian
  • Stimulating and extremely effective lessons based on the latest developments including communicative and post-communicative methods and accelerated learning techniques.
  • Lingva is a pioneer in an integrated and systematic use of the Internet in ESL teaching
  • First school in Yugoslavia with its own ESL site and Lingva Web Thistle electronic magazine at
  • Integrated testing and assessment system ranging from placement and progress tests to final examinations.
  • Students who take final examinations are awarded Achievement Certificates.
  • Children’s courses are organized in such a way as to lead up to Cambridge Young Learners examinations, and Secondary and Adult Courses are likewise sequenced to result in Cambridge PET, CFE, CAE, CPE or BEC exams.
  • Syllabuses and testing in secondary and adult course are harmonised with the levels recommended by the Common European Framework.
  • Maintaining professional standards through regular inspection of teaching, premises and school management by YALS (Association of Language Schools of Serbia) and independent inspectors.

Reliable translation services

30 years of experience, including direct training in foreign companies. High-quality expertise in industrial and commercial translation connected to project engineering, mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering, industrial chemistry, transportation, agriculture and food processing, as well as social, political and cultural activities.

LINGVA can offer translations in hard and soft copies (on paper, CD/DVD or via the Internet).