English Only

Krfska 8, 19000 Zaječar

Founded: in 2017
Offers courses for: pre-schoolers, primary and secondary school children and adults.
Languages: English

About the teacher and the classroom

The school was established and led by a qualified and highly motivated English language teacher, Marina Jovanović, who regularly attends webinars and seminars in the field of language teaching in order to find different ways, methods and materials to make the learning process more enjoyable, more engaging and, above all, more effective.

The classroom is spacious, with new chairs and desks, a whiteboard, an indispensable interactive whiteboard and other important audio-visual equipment. The school library offers an extensive list of books and readers in English and books can be borrowed at no extra charge.

After the initial inspection of the school premises and the school management and the teaching inspection (on which occasion a number of classes were observed by an external teaching inspector), carried out in November 2019, English Only school in Zaječar became an associate member of YALS (Association of Language Schools of Serbia) which is an associate member of EAQUALS (European Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality in Language services).

The levels of knowledge are clearly defined with regard to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The school year lasts from September to June, and the students in all groups have a total of 72 lessons a year.  The number of students in a group doesn’t exceed the maximum of 10, so that each student is given full attention in class and gets an equal opportunity to participate in class activities. Throughout the year, different extra lessons are organized which children can attend, so that, in reality, they have even more lessons in a single school year. These optional lessons focus on problematic grammar areas, spelling practice or learning new songs and stories. The duration of the lessons varies: they last from 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the age, the level and the number of pupils in a group. Pupils attend their lessons twice a week, regardless of the group they are placed in.

At the end of the school year, on completion of the course, children or adults are issued appropriate certificates.

What are the benefits of enrolling on a language course?

For those of you who are thinking about enrolling your children on a language course, look at the list:

  • Students attend their classes gladly and regularly;
  • They make new friends, work together with one another in pair and group work activities;
  • They complete different activities and tasks that don’t focus solely on the target language (different science projects, maths, lessons in geography, history, arts and crafts)
  • They learn memorable songs; Why?
  • Even those songs aimed at children at a very young age contain a lot of repetition of important question forms and sentence structures, the children can later use outside the classroom. Songs include simple, easily understood lyrics and they are a non-intrusive way of practising pronunciation and provide repetition needed for successful language acquisition;
  • They learn different traditional and new stories and dialogues which they enjoy acting out and which help them memorize and retain the language model presented in those stories;
  • They get to play interactive whiteboard games or watch their peers play them;
  • Students watch fascinating and informative video clips which greatly enhance their learning experience and reinforce target language;
  • They practise word spellings during their lessons, so no extra time is needed for that at home;
  • Different exercises, language games and board games help pupils acquire, learn and practice the key language;
  • Special attention is given to grammar structures children need to have a solid understanding of because tests at their primary schools mostly rely on such tasks.
  • Coursebooks used are designed to ensure that pupils both enjoy the learning process and use English effectively;

The list doesn’t end here!
Speaking English is very important.
I am here to help you as much as possible to achieve this.