YALS AGM Held in Belgrade

Representatives of YALS Schools with the British Council Director Tony O’Brien and his associate Kristijan Rajković

On Friday, 22 June 2012, YALS Association AGM was held in Belgrade, where a report on completed activities was discussed, as well as the plan of future activities. School representatives chose the new Association management, which will govern YALS activities in the next two years. Marija Pejatović was again elected as the Chair of Executive Board, Dijana Kisić as the Deputy Chair, Maja Gavrilović as the General Secretary, and Eva Bako and Danijela Veljković as the Members of Executive Board. The  same members will be reappointed to the commissions and working  bodies.

One part of the AGM was attended by Tony O’Brien, Dirctor of the British Council, and his associate Kristijan Rajković. Results of the cooperation between YALS and British council in the previous period were analyzed and it was concluded that the cooperation was very successful, especially in connection with the implementation of the English for IT project. Plans for future cooperation were also discussed.

The YALS AGM was held at Tom and Ema School in Belgrade.