MAQS Conference in Skopje

by Zdenka Grozdanovic

MAQS, Macedonian Association for Quality Language Services, held its Conference from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on 17th April, 2010 in Skopje, Macedonia. It was my pleasure to represent YALS at this event.

The Conference started with MAQS presentation, delivered by Elisaveta Tanevska, MAQS Chair. MAQS, EQUALS associate member, as Ms Tanevska explained, has completed the inspection training and has acted as the British Council provider. So far they have organized two conferences and they have worked on three versions of their guide. Also they have joint certificates, placement tests and uniformed inspection documents. For further reference Ms Tanevska referred to their website

The next two sessions were held by Ms Mila Angelova, EQUALS representative. Similarly to the YALS latest Conference, the focus of her presentations was on the Latest Developments in EQUALS, General Overview of its Project and Attaching Quality to the Assessment Procedures. The crucial points were certificates and assessment procedures, with special emphasis on standardization trainings, teacher judgments, spoken/ written performances as well as progress tests.

MAQS Conference was organized and held in a rather pleasant, friendly and cozy atmosphere in ESP, one of the MAQS members’  schools, and enabled its participants to get to know  the latest and the most effective language teaching activities and procedures.