EAQUALS International Conference in Dublin, April 2013

YALS representatives at EAQUALS Conference in Dublin: Marija Pejatović, Vesna Stakić and Dijana Kisić

 Effective Language School Management

by Marija Pejatović, Chair of YALS

One of the main objectives of the Serbian National Association of Language School, YALS, is to actively participate in seminars and workshops and to ensure professional development according to the standards set by the EAQUALS so our representatives regularly attend events organized by this prestigious association.

The latest conference, organized this April in Dublin, was entitled Effective School Management. The Irish Minister of Education and Skills, Mr Ruiari Quinn, formally opened the Conference stressing the importance of language learning both for Ireland and the future of the European Union and praised the work that EAQUALS does internationally to encourage high quality standards in language education.

The plenary speakers included Richard Rossner, Brian North, Galya Mateva, Mathew Bullock and Susan Hayes.

The highlight was put on the challenging business context in which language schools operate throughout the world. Effective Management was defined as visible, inspiring leadership, a clear vision and strategy, market positioning and product development, excellent communication and quality management. The Conference was also an ideal opportunity to share expertise with fellow managers.

There was a record number of delegates, over 220, from 21 countries.

For me, personally, this was a unique opportunity both to learn about successful school management in great depth and to see the marvelous city of Dublin and experience its natural beauty, cultural heritage and enjoy the famous Irish music, dance and literature.

The next Conference will be held in Belgrade, 24 – 26 April, 2014.