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Blackbird Language School offers foreign language courses for students of all ages and levels of competence.

With over two decades of language teaching experience, the school is active in implementation of modern international foreign language learning standards framed within the CEFR and ALTE and stipulated by EAQUALS. Blackbird is a member of YALS, an official Cambridge English Language Examination centre and a British Council authorized Partner Examination Centre.

Blackbird has an outstanding record of preparation of candidates for international examinations in English and other foreign languages. We are proud of our reputation as one of the languages school with the largest number of YLE candidates in the country.

Together with our partner school Studio Cambridge, Blackbird offers summer and year-round courses of English in the United Kingdom and successfully organises the Summer Language Camp on Zlatibor.

Most of the courses take place on the school premises, located within the city historic centre, only a few minutes’ walk from the central square.

The school avoids usual commercial advertising and as a general rule our students enroll through a recommendation of other students, acquaintances or corporate clients of the school.

Very Young and Young Learners

Programmes Penny Lane©, College Mile© and Academic© reprsent original concepts of the Blackbird Language School, based on development of teaching strategies adapted to the age of learners and aimed at securing continual and spontaneous progress in the use of the second language.

For children at an early stage of foreign language learning, it is very important to make a start which is properly balanced with their interests, possibilities and subsequent learning goals.

From the first learning steps, where courses comprise elements of play, creative activities, stories and rhymes, children make gradual progress, enabling them to attain fluency and control of use of the second language as early as in the final years of elementary school, thereby developing a firm base for further academic development.

English in England

Every year, thousands of youngsters from countries all over the world come to Britain for a unique experience of living the language which has marked the modern era. Intensive language courses organised by the Studio Cambridge school enable the learners to make significant progress in their use of English.
As the oldest language school in Cambridge, Studio Cambridge has asserted its quality through accreditations of the major educational institutions in the United Kingdom and successfully organises language and activity programmes in Cambridge, London, Reading and other locations in the United Kingdom.

Zlatibor Summer Camp

The Blackbird Summer Camp on Zlatibor is organised to the highest standards of modern language teaching, providing a fast track for fluent and independent use of English. At the same time, the camp is packed with fun and research projects, as well as sport and recreational activities.

Special emphasis is placed on language projects and full-day excursions, contributing to the quality of the Summer Camp.

Adults Courses – English and Other Foreign Languages

Recognising the value of foreign language knowledge as one of the most precious personal assets in the modern world, Blackbird Language School focuses on efficient progress of its students, as a response to the demands of the modern living and communication.

An important segment of the course is the choice of the course book, as well as the clear focus on the level of attainment in line with the IBTS testing system and the recognised international standards.

A knowledge of the so-called ‘second foreign language’ in addition to English has become a norm of the modern way of living. In its offer of courses of German, Italian, Spanish, French, Scandinavian and other languages, Blackbird aims to meet the demands of its young and adult students of different profiles.

In-Company Training

Modern global business and increased demands of the global communication have posed new requirements in efficiency and methods of use of English and other foreign languages, both for companies and free lance professionals.

Regardless of one’s employment status, a foreign language knowledge is a key asset for any professional, and Blackbird foreign language trainings are a highly efficient method of gaining the necessary skills.

Owing to its many years of experience and outstanding results in this field, Blackbird Language School has developed courses and trainings for various needs of its corporate clients. The training courses are designed to meet the concrete requirements of the staff and help trainees develop their own learning strategies.

Language Projects and Excursions

Gaining accuracy in the use of the language and spontaneous, fluent expression are among the core goals of courses for learners of different ages.

Engaging language projects throughout the year take different formats, from poster and presentation design, to shows, competitions and excursions – however, a common trait and a linking thread is the dynamics of the content and topic, and the challenge of gaining the new knowledge.

One-day excursions are an excellent opportunity to deploy the creative potential of the children and engage in team work within a motivating language framework.