Bogdana Popovića 9, 11000 Beograd
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Founded: in 1997

Let’s Play And Learn!

The Big Bird Language School specializes in teaching pre- school children for the primary reason that we are well aware of the fact that language is very easily and best acquired at this particular age. For that reason our lessons are adjusted to the needs and interests of our pupils.

The school is situated in a quiet residential area of Voždovac in a house with a yard adapted for pre-school children. The pupils and teachers have, at their disposal. an extensive library, as well as up-to-date audio-visual and computer equipment with programmes for independent learning.

We provide…


With an eight hour stay and workshops according to the Montessory approach, Classes of art and dance as well as acting workshops, and gymnastics, are only some activities which are carried out every week.

Foreign Language School

Our groups consist of up to 8 pupils, who are 3 years old or older. The lessons last 90min. Twice a week

Specialized Programmes

Our studio organizes English and Serbian preparatory courses for The Philological Secondary School and the Philological University entrance examinations, as well as courses for adults and preparation for the internationally acknowledged examinations (Cambridge, TOEFL).

Our Idea Is…

…to take advantage of the trust and cooperation between teachers and students in our pleasant surroundings and to achieve the best results in language acquisition.

…to use modern teaching methods so as to help our pupils achieve a high quality of communication in the foreign language.

…to help our pupils become aware of the different cultures of the particular language that they are learning.

We will achieve this goal …

…by carefully selecting highly qualified teachers.

…by having lessons that last 90 minutes two times a week.

…by the diverse choice of foreign textbooks and materials, specially adapted for younger pupils, as well as expanding their previously acquired knowledge.

…by providing a creative atmosphere where pupils acquire self confidence in expressing their thoughts and feelings in a foreign language.

You Have At Your Disposal…


Beside learning native and foreign languages, we help the whole psychological and physical development of a child (perception, psychomotor, intellectual abilities and socialization) in an amusing way and by playing games. Apart from that, having art and dance classes and creative workshops, children are able to express their wishes, to get rid of their fears and to develop perceptive, intellectual and emotional potentials.

…The Foreign Laguage School

Beside standard teaching includes various activities, which facilitate acquisition of language skills and their adequate practical use.
Apart from that, we organize some specialized courses which are adapted to special needs in your place of work.

…Special Courses

Depending on the type of exam and the level of one’s knowledge, we organize these courses in groups or individually.
Thanks to our long experience and unique methods and teaching materials, we have accomplished a 100 % pass success.