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Five Speakers from YALS at 15th ELTA Serbia Conference

Reported by Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlović

This year’s ELTA Serbia conference titled Awaken Your Curiosity, which took place in Belgrade on 19-20 May, will be remembered for exceptionally good cooperation between ELT professional associations from Serbia and other countries, as well as  the highest participation of YALS speakers so far at the most significant ELT event in Serbia.

As many as five speakers from three YALS member schools took part in this year’s ELTA conference with the following workshops / presentations:

  • Let’s Grow Together by Marija Pejatović, Oxford School, Leskovac
  • Storytelling with The Giving Tree by Jelena Spasić, Oxford School, Leskovac
  • Global Issues for Future Citizens of the World by Jovana Popović, Tom & Emma School, Belgrade
  • Aiming High with Gifted Language Learners by Sofija Ljiljak-Vukajlović, Tom & Emma School, Belgrade,
  • The Art of Recycling by Katarina Andrić, Lingva School, Valjevo

The workshops aroused keen interest among the conference participants and initiated numerous invitations from partner-association representatives to YALS speakers to give presentations at their conferences.

This remarkable participation of YALS speakers was made possible by considerable financial support from EAQUALS, one of the most prominent YALS and ELTA’s sponsors  on this occasion. YALS stand was visited by a large number of conference participants, and YALS representatives took opportunity to promote EAQUALS as the leading international quality-assurance expert in language education.

YALS Conference 2016: Fostering excellence in language education centres

Yals Chair Marija Pejatović opening Yals Conference 2016: "Fostering Excellence in Language Education Centres in Serbia" in Belgrade, on 15 October 2016

Yals Chair Marija Pejatović opening Yals Conference 2016: “Fostering Excellence in Language Education Centres in Serbia” in Belgrade, on 15 October 2016

Reported by Danijela Veljković

On 15 October, Yals, Association of Language Schools of Serbia, organised a conference titled ’’FOSTERING EXCELLENCE IN LANGUAGE EDUCATION CENTRES IN SERBIA’’ in Guarnerius Centre in Belgrade. The conference was supported by Eaquals, European Association for Quality Language Service, and was aimed at Private School Owners, Academic Managers, Directors of Studies and experienced teachers.

Marija Pejatović, Yals Chair, opened the conference, attended by around 120 people. The participants were also greeted by  the newly appointed British Council Director of Serbia, Clare Sears, who emphasized the importance of following the standards and maintaining the quality in foreign language schools in Serbia, and added that it was the main reason for a long-lasting cooperation between the British Council and Yals.

The main presenter was  Ludka Kotarska, Director of Eaquals Accreditation and Consultancy Services. The topics of her presentations were:

Fostering excellence in language education centres, and

The importance of CPD for an institution

A panel discussion was also held with the following participants: Aleksandra Pejatović, Ph.D, Associate Professor at Department of Pedagogy and Andragogy, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Aleksandar Nedić, Services Sector Secretary, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Josip Sobin, Jantar School Director; member of Language Association, Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Marija Pejatović, Yals Chair, was a moderator.

After the panel discussion, a short promotional film on quality in teaching and management in language schools in Serbia was shown. The name of the film is:  “DO YOU KNOW HOW TO CHOOSE A GOOD LANGUAGE SCHOOL?”, and its author is Predrag Todorović.

In the last part of our conference the participants enjoyed the examples of good practice from Yals, workshops prepared by our teachers:

Jelena Spasić, Senior Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Academic Director, Oxford School, Leskovac, ’’Storytelling with the Giving Tree’’

Katarina Andrić, Senior Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Lingva School,  Valjevo,  ’’Vocabulary Beats’’

Jovana Popović an,d Sofija Ljiljak Vukajlović, Senior Teachers and Teacher Trainers, Tom & Emma School , Belgrade,  ’’Aiming High with Video’’

Eaquals 25th Anniversary Conference 2016

Marija Pejatović, predsatvnica YALS-a, pridruženog člana EAQUALS-a i Vesna Stakić, predstavnica škole Tom i Ema, jedine akreditovane članice EAQUALS-a iz Srbije

Marija Pejatović, representative of YALS, associate member of EAQUALS, and Vesna Stakić, representative of Tom & Emma School, the only accredited member of EAQUALS from Serbia

–reported by Marija Pejatović

Lisbon, Portugal

It was my great pleasure to represent YALS at Eaquals 25th anniversary conference held in magnificent Lisbon from Thursday 21 April until Saturday 23 April.

The Conference was attended by more than 270 delegates from over 40 countries – a record for Eaquals.

The conference was opened by the Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prof. Dr Augusto Santos Silva, who paid tribute to Eaquals’ work in raising standards in language education and highlighted the important role of language teaching in promoting better global understanding.

Thursday is usually an inspectors only day, but this time, we had an interesting oportunity to attend a whole-day training on management held by inspiring and vigorous George Pickering. He taught us not only how to manage ‘the monkey on our shoulder’ but also how to be efficent managers with some free time on our hands.

On Friday and Saturday the conference was organized around 5 general themes: Teaching and learning, Course design, CEFR and assessment, Staff development, Managing for quality and Business and marketing management.

I attended workshops mostly on Business and Marketing management since it is important for our schools to learn how to effectively and efficiently advertise on a low budget.

Evenings were reserved for social events and sightseeing tours and they were a great opportunity for networking with other members and learning about Lisbon and its wonderful people.

YALS Representative at EAQUALS Members’ Meeting in Nice

YALS representative Marija Pejatović at EAQUALS Members' Meeting

YALS representative Marija Pejatović at EAQUALS Members’ Meeting, Nice, France, 20-21 November 2015

Reported by Marija Pejatović

20 – 21 November, 2015, Nice, France

Eaquals is a world leader in accreditation for language teaching organizations, and YALS Association of Language Schools of Serbia, being one of the associate members together with Goethe Institut, Instituto Cervantes, British Council, Cambridge English and others, had its representative at this event.
The conference sessions were organized in 4 themes: Classroom Practice, Quality Management, Course Design, Assessment and the CEFR and Business and Marketing Management.
Although the highlight of the conference were great plenaries packed with useful information, in the second part of the conference I chose to attend parallel workshops on two of the topics.
The first one was Creating a School Policy for Digital Technology in which the presenters examined the current attitudes of schools towards digital technology in the classroom and raised awareness of the steps schools should take to initiate it.
The next workshop was on Lesson Observation for Quality control and Continuous Professional Development. We were informed about different observation models using non-threatening approaches, for example through video.
On the second day, I attended two connected workshops on the topic of Using the internet and/or new technologies in language learning. Fantastic presenters, especially Julie Wallis, gave us a selection of online tools and websites which can help us not only enhance learning but also save time, liven up traditional activities and motivate self-study.
Together with the IATEFL, Eaquals events are the event of the year and we can proudly say that YALS was officially invited to present at the International Conference marking Eaquals 25th anniversary in Portugal next year.


YALS and British Council Seminar with Carol Read Announcement

yals seminar 15
Dear Colleagues,

We have the pleasure of inviting you to the 2015 Seminar entitled

Creativity inspires both teachers and students,

organised by YALS, the Association of Language Schools of Serbia and the British Council.

This Seminar will be held on 21st November, 2015
at “SAVA CENTAR”, Hall 2 – Milentija Popovica 9, Belgrade

The Seminar will provide a platform for exchange of relevant experience while focusing on the following:

  • The concept of creativity
  • The promotion of creativity in a classroom
  • The magic of story time
  • The power of picturebooks

The presenter will be:

Carol Read
Teacher trainer,
Author of the award-winning title 500 Activities in the Primary Classroom,
Current IATEFL vice – president

The preliminary programme is for Saturday, 21st November, from 900 – 1615

It gives us great pleasure to invite representatives of the state sector (Ministry of Education, teachers from the state sector, relevant institutions) and the private sector (private language schools, associations, institutions) from Serbia and the countries in the region to participate in the forthcoming event.

There is no fee for the seminar.

We hope that you will join us in making this YALS and BC seminar a success.
Looking forward to welcoming you at Sava Centar.

Most sincerely,


Marija Pejatović
YALS Chair

YALS is an associate member of Eaquals.

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