M School of English

Ane Stojković 11, 16000 Leskovac
+381 16 223 104, +381 62 599 109

Founded: 1992.

The first private School of English in Leskovac

Courses offered

Courses for young learners:

  • pre-school
  • primary
  • secondary
  • young adult

Hallowe'en  in M School garden

Courses for adults:

  • General English
  • Professional English (Business, Banking, Managing, Technical, Tourism, etc.)
  • Courses for companies
  • One-to-one courses

Examination courses:

  • First Certificate in English (FCE)
  • Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
  • Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)
  • Business English Certificate (BEC) (Preliminary, Vantage, Higher)
  • EuroExams (Euro/ EuroPro)

About the School

M School of English was established in 1992 as the first private school of English in Leskovac with the aim to teach  English as a foreign language  at all levels and to all ages.  It offers a wide range of courses, aligned to the Council of Europe Common European Framework of Reference scale, from absolute beginner to proficiency (CEF levels A1 – C2 ) .

The wide range of courses is taught by highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic teachers and also a native speaker. Our aim is to prepare all our students to level B2 at least so that they can successfully pass either Cambridge First Certificate or EuroExam. Groups of no more than 7 are formed on the basis of the student’s age, level, objectives and requirements. The student’s progress is regularly monitored and report cards are issued periodically to provide feedback to the student on how well he/she is doing.

A typically lively classroom

The school’s library offers a large collection of up-to-date resource books, story books, graded readers, fiction as well as audio-visual and computer materials. There is also a diverse cultural programme which includes art and crafts, exhibitions, drama club, music club, quiz shows, and the M School Magazine, Christmas and Easter editions.

M School is also an authorized  local test and registration centre for EuroExams. M School runs preparatory courses for Cambridge exams in both general and business English.

Courses for young learners (two-term courses)

Pre-school (5-7)

  • 2 x 45 min lessons a week
  • topics and vocabulary carefully chosen to create a magical learning experience
  • learning through engaging songs and chants
  • audio-visual method
  • correct pronunciation and intonation at this stage is essential
  • school performances at the end of each semester

Primary (8-10)

  • 2 x 65 min lessons a week
  • audio-visual method
  • the first steps in reading and writing
  • school performances at the end of each semester

Secondary (11-15)

  • 2 x 65 min lessons a week
  • all four language skills are taught
  • remedial lessons
  • extra-curriculum lessons
  • preparation for competitions
  • exam at the end of the school year

Young adult (16-18)

  • 2 x 65 min or 2 x 90 min lessons a week
  • all four language skills are taught
  • preparation for competitions
  • remedial lessons
  • extra-curriculum lessons
  • exam at the end of the school year

Courses for adults (one-term courses)

  • 2 x 90 min lessons a week
  • emphasis on communication
  • student’s progress monitoring

Courses for companies and  1-to-1  are offered at all times on or off site.

Exam preparation courses

  • 2 x 90 min lessons a week
  • intensive tuition in all four language skills
  • examination techniques


  • hard and soft copies
  • consecutive  translation